Why does Domiciliary Home Care matter?

We highly recommend considering a home care service to ensure you or your loved ones can stay in the comfort of your/their own home whilst getting the support needed to
continue to live a fulfilled life even when daily life becomes more challenging. Living happy, worry free and safely in their own home is important to us at Peak Home Assist.

For many older adults, being able to stay within their own home is essential to maintain their independence and dignity. It can become a challenging time when ageing begins to have effects on everyday life both mentally and physically. This means that many tasks become much more difficult than they were before. These tasks can include getting dressed, bathing, cleaning and shopping. We therefore believe that home care services would become beneficial to these individuals and allow them to enjoy a fulfilled life, which we believe every individual deserves.

What is Domiciliary Home Care?

Holistically, domiciliary home care is where trained health care professionals regularly visit a service users’ home to assist and support with essential day to day activities. The goal of this service is ultimately to improve their independence through assistance, which will potentially allow individuals to stay mobile and enjoy the things they love to do. Here at Peak Home Assist, we have a range of services that we provide, these include:

  • 24hr Care (Daily Calls, Live-in Care, Night Care and Palliative Care)
  • Lifestyle Support (Cleaning, Meal Preparation, Companionship, Social Activities, Assistance with food shopping and Befriending service)
  • Personal Care (Bathing/Showering, Toileting, Medication administration, Assisting with dressing and undressing, Catheter care And Assistance with walking etc)

What are the advantages of Domiciliary Home Care?

Many families are opting for domiciliary care – otherwise known as care at home – because this ensures that they are at the centre of their own care, giving them control on what support they receive. Peak Home Assist ensures that care plans are completely build around the service user in order to deliver one-to-one personal support and assistance when needed.

Services we provide at Peak Home Assist can be easily adjusted to fit around everyday life. This means that the flexible nature of home care means that it can be adapted completely to the needs of the individual and their schedule. Our services are designed to be this way meaning we can provide daily visits, live in care, night care or even just an hourly session for companionship. This will hopefully take the stress off daily routines and provide individuals with both practical and personal care services that suit their needs effectively.

Receiving care in your own home and community, where you feel safe and comfortable, is a huge benefit for many people. This means that you can maintain your independence in familiar surroundings with peace of mind that you are always being supported.