4 great reasons to become a Healthcare Assistant

There are a wide range of reasons as to why many individuals consider working in the care sector. Not only does it give back to the community but also creates a great steppingstone to achieving long term career goals within health and social care. However, no matter what your reasons for becoming a healthcare assistant are. You are guaranteed to encounter the many benefits below:

Working as a Domiciliary Healthcare Assistant has been recognised as one of the most rewarding jobs.

The role of a domiciliary healthcare assistant entails visiting service users’ homes to assist with daily household tasks, personal care, social visits, and befriending services. In this role you will first-hand, see the results of the care you have provided emphasising the huge difference this role can make to peoples lives. Whether you are assisting with dressing, helping with medication, or simply providing transport for someone to attend local events, this will help people to maintain a good quality of life and independence regardless of the barriers they may face.

Working as a domiciliary healthcare assistant can generate potential career opportunities.

Working as a healthcare assistant gives you a wide range of experience that could potentially lead you into a rewarding career within the health and social sector. Here at Peak Home Assist, we encourage all our staff members to work towards a care qualification whether that being the Care Certificate or a NVQ Level 1, 2 or 3. This is because we believe that it is critical for our staff to have the knowledge and experience to provide our service users with exceptional care, but also, we want our staff have the knowledge to flourish in their career choices. Home Care is a great option for further opportunities; this could be moving into nursing, management, or other health related roles.

No two days are the same

There is a great deal of variety in domiciliary care work, its perfect for someone who likes ever changing situations that can be a challenge. Working in service users’ homes really does provide you with a different working day, each day! Whether you are supporting a new client, learning new skills, or even working different shift patterns, no two days will be the same.

You will constantly be building relationships

The focus of the role of a domiciliary healthcare assistant is to visit multiple service users each day to provide care and assistance. As a result of this you will be required to build relationships with both staff members and service users to form trust. Here at Peak Home Assist, were possible, we try and place our staff members with the same long term service users to ensure good relationships are built between each other and the service users’ family too! As our team is forever expanding, healthcare assistants are required to complete regular training and team building activities alongside their colleagues. As a result of this many colleagues create working relationships and work together to support our service users in the community and new colleagues joining our team.